About The Movement

“I don’t think there’s any ‘easy parts’ when you’re dealing with mental illness. But feeling alone is definitely one of the hardest.”

The Heart On Your Sleeve Movement is a human-led human-grown social movement designed to break down the stigma of mental health amongst young millennials.

As a society, we have made good progress in raising awareness of the epidemic that is: mental health. Not just in the lives that it takes, but the lives in impacts every single day.

But despite how prevalent this issue is, there is still a strong stigma in this country and others from people who suffer from a mental illness. You only need to talk to someone who has a mental health challenge and you will get the same answer: on the outside it may seem like society has made big steps forward, but people are still quick to label themselves or others (consciously or subconsciously) as weak, crazy, boring or “too much effort”. The numbers tell us that things aren’t getting better, and something needs to change.

This Movement was founded on the belief that it’s time to flip the conversation inside out. To move from thinking or being told “it’s ok to talk”, to actually believing it, owning our story, and sharing it when it may be helpful for others or yourself to do so. This brings the power back into the hands of the sufferer. Very few people are actually volunteering their story, or even when they do, they aren’t allowing the conversation to get a level that’s authentic or therapeutic, in fear of being judged. We want to take that next step, and give people the confidence to be vulnerable – not just for themselves, but for others. The only way we are getting through this mess and making a change is from the inside-out. And that starts with people leading by example who have had their own challenges with mental health.

Some of the biggest mental health charities including: Lifeline, The Banksia Project and Batyr, are supporting & endorsing this Movement.

You don’t have to be “recovered” to get involved. This isn’t about being fixed – this is about being real, so that you and others don’t feel alone any more. We don’t have to feel strange or crazy, and we definitely don’t have to do it by ourselves. Instead of putting on a brave face, let’s actually be brave and talk about our experiences so that everyone suffering in silence realises they’re not alone.

Join the movement today by wearing your heart out for mental health.

“This is the boldest step we have made as a society in the mental health space, in terms of something led from the ground up. Finally we are getting down to the real problem, not just saying everything is OK"

The Movement is led by Mitch Wallis – a millennial who has been victim to a lifetime of chronic mental illness that almost became too much to handle. He also understands mental health field from a clinical perspective as a Masters of Psychology student, and has previously had a career in marketing & technology and knows how to create meaningful change through storytelling.

Mitch has a powerful story – and one that many can relate to.

Mitch on the web